VILA ELECTROQUIMICA has more than 45 years of experience in electrolytic coatings. This makes the company a leader in the industry, our customers trust us and new customers bring us new challenges.

It has more than 15 electrolytic baths in which 3 coatings or combinations of these can be applied: nickel plating, hard chrome and copper.


Heavy nickel deposits enable the reclamation of damaged, worn or incorrectly machined engineering components and impart chemical and high temperature resistance. Our nickel gave a pore-free coating.

It may be used as a corrosion barrier beneath hard chrome deposits on components such as laminator cooling rolls and conductor rolls to prevent attacks on the base materials through the micro-porous structure of the chromium.

All our nickel deposits can be turned and ground to customer specifications in our well equipped machine shop.


Our chrome purification plant ensures that our chrome vats deliver optimum performance at all times. This ensures the chrome solutions are always as new, resulting in superior chrome quality.

We are able to provide a high quality finish by hard chrome deposition.

We have the ability to apply our hard chrome to a large range of parts, from small shafts or bores to laminating cylinders, conductor rolls, cooling rolls, turbine rotors or printing rolls.

Chromium offers extreme hardness, low coefficient of friction, and resistance to abrasion and wear. We offer different finishes according to the client’s needs. Ask us any questions.


We have an efficient and high quality copper plating process.

We have four electrolytic baths of different dimensions that make us capable of coppering from conductor rollers to large rollers used in the printing sector.

We can apply different thicknesses according to your needs. In addition, our machining area deals with machining and polishing as specified. Ask us any questions.