We have in electrolytic baths which can be applied nickel, chromium and copper or hard combination. Read more +

The surfaces developed are grouped into three finishes: matte, glossy and SBS finishes. Read more +

We have our own developed products that improve initial conditions, reduce short-term costs and provide our customers with higher quality. Read more +

We have a wide machining area with a wide variety of machines. We can provide a multitude of services to our clients, within a wide range of sizes. Read more +


Vila Electroquimica S.A. is a company with more than 45 years of experience, specialized in the application of hard chromium, nickel, copper and others, with variable thicknesses, on all types of surfaces.

In addition to our facilities for the application of metallic coatings, we have a machining section that allows us to turn, rectify, balance, characterize the surface, etc … both a new part and a part to be repaired.

We improve and recover the properties of the treated piece, both for performance, protection against corrosion, surface characterization or others, adjusting to the client’s specification and advising on potential improvements based on our experience

We have our own quality department and laboratory that guarantees the correct treatment of your parts in our facilities.


Vila Electroquimica makes quality one of its hallmarks. The company carries out its activities under ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certification. The traceability of all products, process control and continuous improvement, allows Vila Electroquimica to comply with the requirements of this certification system.

Additionally, to guarantee the best quality standards, the company has a fully equipped laboratory and test equipment that allows the improvement and monitoring of the processes.